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Commissions starting from £2000


I create well thought out and personal wedding films that are just the right length to watch together, and to share with family and friends without the risk or forcing them to sit though endless uncreative footage.

To make it super simple I work alone, but don't worry I have 3 cameras and sound equipment to make sure the vows and speeches are covered. Although I'm extremely unobtrusive I'll be there all day and wont leave until late into the night. This way I capture all aspects of the wedding and create a 5-8 minute montage of your day. The vows and Speeches are included and you'll receive a beautiful keepsake box with enough DVDs and BLU-RAYs to keep the family happy, as well as a USB stick to future proof your wedding film.

I am a qualified drone pilot and have all the licences and insurances to keep my mum happy and will do my best to fly it if the weather allows.